Crichton Park Update

May 2017

The School Volunteer
(Author Unknown)
A school is more than books and desks
And learning two plus two
It's people who share their skills and care,
And try their best in all they do.
Please accept our heartfelt appreciation.
Our school's a better place
Because of your dedication.



Much thanks to our wonderful Home and School Volunteers who continue to plan events that bring the school community together.


A special thank-you goes to Mr. Brian Hiltz who purchased our Canadian flag and to Mr. Paul McVicar for repairing the rope and pulley system and flying our new flag! Mr. McVicar has been looking after our flag pole for many years now and his support is much appreciated.


We so appreciate the safe arrival volunteers who come faithfully to the school to ensure that your children are accounted for every morning and every afternoon.

Our wonderful classroom and library volunteers help teachers give that precious one-on-one learning time to our students – our gratitude is enormous!

Please set aside the date: Volunteer Appreciation June 09, 2017


An Evening Out:

Parents of students enrolled in band class, violin class, or choir, are invited to a spring concert at CPS on Monday, May 15 at 6:30 p.m. Please use gym doors. Ms. Myers, Ms. Balaban, and Mr. MacDonald are excited to showcase the talents of their students!


All parents are invited to attend our Home and School meeting on Monday, May 1st at 6:30 p.m.


EpiPen Recall: There has been a recent recall of EpiPens. Please visit the website provided to access the advisory notice from Health Canada: Please note that parents would be responsible for checking and replacing their own child’s auto-injector, if needed.


What’s Happening?:

  • ·         Super NOVA is coming to visit some of our classes at CPS! Super NOVA is a not-for-profit initiative of Dalhousie University that provides youth in Atlantic Canada with fun, educational, and inspiring experiences in science, engineering, technology and mathematics (STEM). Through exciting classroom workshops youth explore the importance of STEM in their lives, interact with inspiring mentors, and develop critical skills and attitudes for lifelong learning. Super NOVA's workshops are grade-specific and are designed to directly connect to curriculum objectives.

·         Tennis NS will be here teaching the students some tennis basics during May. Ms. Hudson is looking forward to their help in her physical education classes. Thanks to Tennis Nova Scotia for this great opportunity for our students. 


  • ·         Run Club will be starting soon at CPS. We so appreciate all the parent volunteers who help to make this happen. A special thanks to Gabrielle Gallagher for coordinating run club.

·         Earth Rangers is coming to CPS!  The Earth Rangers Assembly is a 45 minute dynamic, interactive, multi-media experience that features LIVE Animal ambassadors demonstrating their natural behaviours.  Earth Rangers use science-based information to educate children about the importance of protecting biodiversity while highlighting different conservation initiatives across Canada. Students will learn about the 5 animal conservation projects Earth Rangers are helping this year. The projects are: the Woodland Caribou, the Pine Marten, the Midland Painted Turtle, the Eastern Small-footed Bat and Bees and other Pollinators. Please visit  for details on each project.


·         Grade seven orientation for grade six students attending Bicentennial will take place on May 24th.  A parent information session will take place at Bicentennial on May 25 at 6:00 p.m.


Did you Know?

·         May 5th is the last day for our student teachers. They had an excellent learning experience with their collaborative teachers and we are looking forward to the day they make the substitute list!


·         Our co-op student from Dartmouth High volunteers every Thursday with three of our classes.


·         Ms. Gourlay and Ms. J. Reid are presenting at Innovation Day with our School Board. They will be teaching teachers how to incorporate technology into the curriculum by sharing their passion projects.


·         Kalin Mitchell came to visit our grade two class on April 28th. You may see some of our students sharing their knowledge on CBC television.


·         Much thanks to Mr. Paul Hollingsworth for coming in to talk to our grade five students about writing biographies.


·         Much thanks to J.D. Goossens for coming in to talk to the grade one students about being an author.


·         We have twenty-five primaries registered for next year. Primary orientation will be held on the afternoon of May 17th.


·         Our school mascot has been chosen by our students. We are the Crichton Park Pandas. Attached to this newsletter is an order form for our new school clothing. At the spring fair, sample sizing and order forms will be available.


·         May 19 is Professional Development day for teachers. School will not be in session for students. Teachers will be learning about technology integration and programming for a variety of learning and behavioural needs.


·         The fire inspector will be in for his final inspection to check on some ceiling tiles. Crichton Park has met all fire code regulations!


·         We are looking to beautify our school grounds. We have ordered a machine to clean up the gravel and the Girl Guides will be helping with gardening and clean-up. Recently, our Crichton Park girls who attend Girl Guides planted trees along the soccer field.


·         Mark your calendar- our home and school association is planning the Spring Fair for May 27. We will need lots of parent volunteers so please look for notices coming home. Bring your wallets because the silent auction is not to be missed!

·         Our grade six closing is scheduled for June 28.


Your Input is Needed:

The EECD developed a draft policy on student attendance and engagement. The purpose of this document is to provide a guide for key stakeholders and to provide an avenue for feedback. Please take time to read and respond to this draft policy on the front page under “new” at:



If you are going to grade 4 in the fall and want to learn to play the violin or cello, please visit .   Registration will open in early May.


Do you love to sing?  Will you be grade 4 or higher in the fall?  Why not audition for an All-City Choir?  Please ask your school music teacher about us, or visit  in early May for more information. 


If you are registered for grade 7 band for the fall and want to play in an ADDITIONAL band, please visit in early May to register for the Dartmouth All-City Junior Band!  Yes, you MUST be in your school band to be in ours.


I've seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives.  ~Tracy Chapman