Grade One/Two School Supply List

1/2 Rozon-MacPherson

Crichton Park School 2017-2018


12        Plastic cover duo-tangs with pockets 1 Orange, 1 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Green, 2 Yellow,

                1 pink, 1purple, 2 clear/white

4          1/2 Lined Hilroy Scribblers

        Hilroy scribblers

2          large zippered reading bags (dollarstore).                                                        

1          Composition hard cover notebooks (180 lined pages) (dollarstore).

2          large coiled sketch book

1          24 pack of twistable coloured pencils

2          24 pack of crayons

2          24 pack of markers

1          heavy duty, hard cover, extra-large & long pencil box

1          heavy duty sharp scissors Fiskar brand is very sturdy.

40        good quality mechanical pencils (NO dollar store please. The break very easily).

2          white erasers

4          large sticks of glue

1          pair of indoor shoes to be kept at school

$5.00   Student Agenda

Additional Items

1        large colouring book for indoor recess

2        Boxes of tissues

2        packages of wet wipes

2        bottles Lysol wipes

2        bottles of hand sanitizer




please leave names & labels OFF student supplies, as they will be organized at school.

Looking forward to seeing you in September. Have a wonderful, fun filled summer!