Grade Two School Supply List

2 Rozon-Macpherson

Crichton Park School 2016-2017


10        Plastic cover duo-tangs with pockets 2 Orange, 2 Red, 2 Blue, 2 Green, 2 Yellow 

1        package of 5 dividers

3       pocket folders 1blue, 1purple, 1white

2        large zippered reading bags (dollarstore).                                                          

2          Composition hard cover notebooks (180 lined pages) (dollarstore).

1        large coiled sketch book

1          24 pack of twistable coloured pencils

1          24 pack of crayons

2          24 pack of markers

1          pack of pastels

1          heavy duty, hard cover, extra-large & long pencil box

1          heavy duty sharp scissors Fiskar brand is very sturdy.

40        good quality mechanical pencils

2          white erasers

4          large sticks of glue

1          pair of indoor shoes to be kept at school

1        large coloring book for indoor recess


Additional Items

2        Boxes of tissues

2        packages of wet wipes

1         bottle of hand sanitizer

$5.00   Student Agenda


Please note

   please leave names & labels OFF student supplies, as they will be organized at school.

   purchase additional sets of crayons, coloured pencils as these items run out mid year  and will need to be replenished.

Looking forward to seeing you in September. Have a wonderful, fun filled summer!