Grade 5 Gourlay School Supply List Crichton Park 2017-2018


            50 HB#2 pencils

            1 pkg 24 coloured pencils

            1 pkg 24 crayons

            1 pkg skinny markers (scent free)

            2 highlighters

            2 Sharpie-style permanent markers (fine, black)

            2 good quality pens

            4 white erasers

            4 black or blue whiteboard markers & eraser ( old sock or mitten)

            1 old sock or soft mitten for a whiteboard eraser

            1 large pencil box/case

            2 large glue sticks

            1 bottle white glue

            1 roll of scotch tape

            1 pair of pointed scissors

            1 pencil sharpener (that will hold the shavings)

            1 clear plastic metric ruler (30 cm)

            7 plastic duotangs with 3 prongs

            4 plastic pocket folders (preferably without prongs)

            2 80 page Hilroy scribblers (preferably not coil bound)

            4 32-40 page Hilroy scribblers (preferably not coil bound)

            200 pages of ruled looseleaf

            3 pack of square Post-it notes

            1 set of earbuds to keep at school

            $5 for  Agenda

            1 pair of sneakers/shoes (non marking soles) for gym and indoor use. These are to be left at school and used only as indoor sneakers. 


Optional (but appreciated) items:

            2 boxes of Kleenex

            1 box Large Ziploc freezer bags

            1 pkg of wet wipes




Please bring all items to school on the first day in September.

Have a great summer!

Ms. Gourlay