2016-2017 School Supply List


                                           Grade 6

Please ensure that all materials are labelled with your child’s name before they arrive at school. This will reduce the number of lost materials.

 40 pencils (HB#2 are recommended for their quality)

markers (scent free)

coloured pencils (sharpened)

pencil sharpener (that will hold the shavings)

400 pages of ruled looseleaf

large pencil box/case

drinking water bottle to remain in classroom

indoor shoes/ sneakers (non-marking soles)

2 medium-tipped black Sharpies

basic calculator

2 metric ruler (30 cm)- clear and sturdy

Math protractor

scotch tape

2 large glue sticks

2 bottles of white glue

1 pair of good quality pointed end scissors


    1 highlighter

    3 packages of medium-sized square Post-it notes

2 pocket folders

    4 Hilroy scribblers- two 20 pages and two 40 pages

6 duotangs (transparent plastic with 3 prongs for looseleaf)

3 white erasers

flash drive

 3 black whiteboard markers

Optional: 2 boxes of tissue

                  1 set of earbuds to be kept in school