2 packages of Loose-leaf (500 sheets total)

3 one-inch, hard-sided binders-(no larger, not zippered, no Velcro flaps)

2 white erasers

1 package of dividers for binders

7 duo-tang folders (1-purple, 1-red, 1-green, 1-black, 1- blue, 1- orange, 1- yellow if possible) Teacher will label duotangs

1 duotang with double pockets

1 plastic protractor

1 clear 30cm ruler

1 pencil sharpener with cover

1 Highlighter marker

4 packages HB pencils-sharpened, if possible

1 pkg. Markers (unscented)

1 bottle liquid glue

2 large (20g) glue sticks

1 pair of scissors

1 paperback English Dictionary –not a “junior dictionary”

1 pkg. or pad of 1 cm graph paper (50 sheets)

1 pkg. Colored pencils sharpened

1 pkg. sticky notes or post-its

1 scrapbook from a Dollar Store

3 Composition/Writer’s Notebook from Dollar Store

1 basic calculator

1 pair of cheap earbuds to use with the computers/Chromebooks

3-4 whiteboard markers to be used with personal whiteboards

$5.00 for Agenda

1 pair of sneakers/shoes (non marking soles) for gym and indoor use. These are to be left at school and used only as indoor sneakers.


 Boxes of tissue- optional, but greatly appreciated