Grade One Supply List 2016-2017


** Please DO NOT label any supplies except sneakers – labels will be provided in Sept. Brand names listed below are suggestions as they last longer and are of better quality. Thank you. **


1        package of coloured pencils (24 pack)


2        packages of crayons – 24 pack (Crayola)


2        packages of Original Washable Broad tip markers – 8 or 10 pack (Crayola)


1        package of Original Washable Thin tip markers – 10 or 12 pack (Crayola)


4        Expo Dry Erase Markers – any color (for student use)


2        packages HB pencils sharpened – 12 pack – (Staples or Staedtler Brand)


1        pair of scissors (high quality please – Fiskars are great)


3        white erasers


3        large gluesticks


1        Elmer’s white liquid glue (120ml)


3        2 pocket portfolio folders


2        Hilroy 72 page Exercise Book (1/2 lined, 1/2 plain)


1        vinyl reading bag (Dollarama)


1        pair of indoor sneakers (velcro preferred) to be left at school



Optional items: Large Ziploc bags, Kleenex, Hand Sanitizer



* The incoming teacher may wish to request a few extra items
in the fall not yet on this list. A note will be sent home with your child if additional items are wanted. Thank you. *