GRADE ONE/TWO ( Thomson/Hanson)
SUPPLY LIST 2016-2017



With fulfillment of this list no new supplies will have to be purchased during the year. Please do not label your supplies. Labels will be provided!!



1  Green Twin Pocket Duotang

5  Duotangs ( yellow, orange, navy, purple, blue)

4  72 page Exercise Book ˝ plain and ˝ ruled

3  packages of 8 Fat washable markers

2  packages of 24 coloured pencils

3  packages of 10 fine point washable markers

4  packages of 24 crayons

1  pair of good quality scissors

36  good quality HB pencils

6  white erasers

3  small Elmer’s white glue

6  large glue sticks

2 plain white sketch books (dollar store)


(Indoor sneakers please!! If your child cannot tie-VELCRO!!)


$5.00 for the Student agenda


Optional: Kleenex

                 1 box small/medium or large zip lock bags