Crichton Park School


Grade 4

School Supply List 2016-17


These supplies should last throughout the entire school year with careful use and   storage. The teacher stores the extra items.


4        20g glue sticks

5        duotangs soft plastic or paper with 3 prongs for loose leaf

2 pocker folders

      4  80 page scribblers (labeled with name) 

1    pkg. 12 coloured pencils

1    three-ring binder

1    pkg.  24 crayons

1    pkg. 8 thin markers (original colours)

1    pair pointed scissors

3    bottles white glue (120 mL)

1    metric ruler that does not bend

    20    HB pencils, sharpened

     10   pink erasers

      1    pencil case to hold pencils and erasers

      1    flash drive  


 $5  to pay for school agenda




6        boxes of Kleenex    

1 pkg. large Ziploc freezer bags


A pair of sneakers is required for gym.  These are to be left at school and used only as indoor shoes.